Cavalcade Coatings manufactures products in various categories under a number of product brand names:
GARDALL® A range of specialised protection coatings and systems. Includes water-based, solvent-based and two-pack products. Applications include anti graffiti, brick, concrete and masonry sealers, granite sealer and more. ...more info
K2™ A premium acrylic roof membrane system for rejuvenating clay and concrete tiled roofs. Can also be applied to metal roofs. Authorised complete system application carries an 8-year warranty. ...more info
AQUA-X™ The next generation in water-based acrylic technology – faster drying and higher gloss levels than traditional acrylics. Aqua-X is suitable for application onto a wide range of substrates including timber, metal and masonry. ...more info
GEM™ The GEM™ range is the “jewel” in our decorative paint range. These are premium decorative coatings and are available in a complete range of water-based and solvent-based systems for exterior (and interior) performance. There are systems for all common architectural substrates. Includes primers and undercoats, topcoats, texture coatings and more. ...more info
PRISM™ Just as a prism stands true and provides “clean” colour under light, so too does the PRISM™ range of quality decorative water-based paints. These topcoats provide trusted performance – they are washable and suitable for exterior use. ...more info
OTHER Various specialty water and solvent based products. ...more info
THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS In addition to the above products manufactured by Cavalcade Coatings, we also sell specialised coatings manufactured by third parties in the industrial and protective solvent-based coatings areas.
Should you have a specific product need that may not be catered for above,
please contact us and we would be happy to assist.