K2™ Bio-Stat Anti fungal agent that kills off mould, fungus and lichen as a pre-treatment for roof coating. Should be used on walls etc where there is evidence of mould or algae growth prior to application of water-based topcoats.
K2™ Sealer A water-based acrylic sealer used to seal the tile surface prior to application of the top coat.
K2™ High Build Sealer A water-based high build sealer suitable for use on badly eroded concrete tiles – has good filling properties to provide a smoother finish prior to top coat application.
K2™ Sealer SB A solvent based sealer that is used on roofs that have previously been coated (painted) – as specified in Australian Standard AS2311.
K2™ Roof Membrane 100% acrylic membrane for use in the restoration of weathered roofs. Suitable for use on concrete and clay tiles as well as metal roofs. Available in a wide range of standard colours – including most Colorbond® colours.

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