Cavalcade Coatings

Cavalcade Coatings first began manufacturing as Wescote Paints from a unit in the Perth suburb of Wangara in 1995 - predominantly servicing the local decorative market.

Since first gaining Quality Endorsement in 1997, the company has been producing a core of water and solvent based paints that have been used by painting contractors, government departments and householders. These products have been proven over many years and conform to quality standards that guarantee performance and satisfaction .

The business relocated to Malaga in 2000 – however a change of ownership in January 2005 introduced a new direction for the company and the business moved to a newly built facility, its current location, in Welshpool.

Today the product range is more diverse with an emphasis on products that meet specific customer needs across a wide range of industries including: anti graffiti coatings, protective coatings, water and solvent based architectural paints, roof coatings, concrete and paving coatings, solvent and water based industrial coatings, sports line marking paint and other specialty products.

The on-going development of new products will underpin the future growth and development of Cavalcade Coatings.

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